My Online Accounts

Due to prior impersonations of my identity I have setup this page in an effort to prevent future impersonation from fooling others.

If you find, or are contacted by, an account with my username that claims to be me and the account is not listed here then do not trust it until you’ve verified it’s me through a secondary trusted method or I have verified my identity on the account (e.g. a verified domain link).

I will never randomly directly message or email you to ask you to “download”, “test”, or “try” a piece of software. Everything I work on has publically available source code or signed releases that can be downloaded instead.


Account compromises

In the unlikely event an account or device of mine is believed to be compromised then an advisory will be published both on this page and the homepage of my site in very clear locations. If you believe you are communicating with an account of mine that has been compromised and it has not been listed on this site, please try and reach me on another account to make me aware.


Last updated on Monday, 7th April 2024.